Html Headings And How To Use Them

Tanggal : 15 Feb 2023, Category : HTML, Create By : admin

HTML headings are used to define the structure and hierarchy of content on a web page. There are six levels of headings in HTML, from H1 to H6, where H1 is the most important and H6 is the least important. Here's how to use HTML headings:

  1. To create a heading, use the appropriate heading tag, for example:
    <h1>This is a level 1 heading</h1>
    <h2>This is a level 2 heading</h2>
    <h3>This is a level 3 heading</h3>
    <h4>This is a level 4 heading</h4>
    <h5>This is a level 5 heading</h5>
    <h6>This is a level 6 heading</h6>
  2. Use H1 for the main title of the page, and use the other headings to organize the content.
  3. Use headings to describe the content that follows. For example, if you have a section on "Features", use an H2 heading to introduce it.
  4. Use headings in a logical order. For example, if you have an H2 heading, the next subheading should be an H3, not an H1.
  5. Avoid using headings just for visual formatting. Use CSS to style your headings instead.
  6. Use keywords in your headings to help with search engine optimization (SEO). However, avoid keyword stuffing and make sure your headings accurately describe the content.

In summary, HTML headings are an important tool for organizing and structuring content on a web page. Use them in a logical order and with descriptive text to make your content more readable and accessible.

  • HTML Headings And How To Use Them

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